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about pretty b a k e d

pretty baked  is a virtual bakery - the first of its kind!

We specialize in custom letter & number cakes. Each one is freshly baked to perfection.

Pro tip: pretty baked cakes are unique and personal gifts to send to someone special.

For a thoughtful touch, add our customizable card. 

We deliver!

If you're in the area, pickup is located in Cypress, Texas.


Letter & Number Cakes

Our best selling cake is both pretty and tasty! Each cake is a unique creation and is custom-made per customer. Your party guests are sure to be impressed by this one of a kind cake. We bake them using fine almond flour, then fill the layers with our handmade whipped cream, and top with just about anything that'll fit! Try for yourself and see what the fuss is about!


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(832) 263-3101

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